The Rami Levy lie

By Advis3r
April 3, 2011

It seems that the loathing by some bloggers on this site for any Jew who like me wishes to live in Judea and Samaria knows no bounds. News reports are twisted to try and portray the Jews living in Judea and samaria as crass racists - in this particular case wanting to boycott the Rami Levy chain of supermarkets because it employs Arabs. My local store employs Arabs and no one is or has even suggested boycotting it.
One only has to read the Jerusalem Post report this blogger uses as his proof for this outrageous claim to see the depths these haters will go to sow their seeds of hatred by obfuscating the facts to suit their agenda. The report while claiming that there is a call for a boycott gives no details of who is calling for it. Unlike the Arabs who are being coerced under pain of imprisonment or worse not to shop in Rami Levy stores the report mentions that a Jewish group which is concerned with the dangers of assimilation approached the store owner asking him to to prefer Jewish workers over Arab workers since there had been a number of cases where Jewish women had succumbed to advances by Arab men. However the stores' owner denies that this even happened! other shoppers mention security concerns since unfortunately it has been the case that Arab workers in one or two stores have been involved in terror attacks. However to give a lie to the blogger's claims when the reporter visited the store concerned it was full of Jewish/Arab shoppers and Jewish/Arab workers (the story pre-dates the PA call for a boycott) and was doing a roaring trade. One has to question the motives of someone posting a story like this in order to try and stir up trouble between Arabs and Jews while unjustifiably, trying to show Jews who live in Judea and samaria in a bad light. All the blogger has done, however, is highlight his own hateful prejudices.


Joe Millis

Mon, 04/04/2011 - 09:06

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It's the settlers and orthodox Jews who have been threatening a boycott because of the presence of Palestinians. And the organisation calling for the boycott was named, The Prevention of Assimilation in the Holy Land, probably a Yad Le'achim front.


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