The Phoney rants again

By Advis3r
December 10, 2011

The inconsequential nobody who calls himself Phoney now makes uncorroborated claims for which he provides no evidence (basically because it does not exist) and calls the IDF something which it is not - more evidence that he is both intellectually challenged and a moonbat as if it was needed.
In the latest incident there is no evidence that the soldier fired "directly" at Mustafa Tamimi but in any case, we know that in being killed by the cannister, Tamimi was obviously much too close to the vehicle and it could be the soldier presumed his intent was to do damage to the vehicle and its occupants, perhaps with a firebomb or maybe worse.
If I was a demonstrator, I would adopt true non-violent methods. I would not throw rocks at security forces. I would not chase after military vehicles. I would not get close to a military vehicle. And if I did, I woould not be surprised at the consequences.


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