The Lie of the Naqba and the liars who promote it

By Advis3r
November 22, 2011

So we have the PSC trolls trying to claim that denying "the naqba" is like denying that the earth is round. Im Tirtzu, has published a 70-page booklet that refutes the myth of the ‘naqba,’ the claim that Israel inflicted a catastrophe on the ‘Palestinians’ by means of its birth. The book concludes that if there was a ‘naqba,’ it was self-inflicted.
The booklet is split into five sections, including, "They [the Arabs] attacked: The responsibility for creating the refugee problem," "They [the Arabs] abandoned: Haifa as an example," and "Since time immemorial? How long have Arab refugees really lived in Israel?" It also includes a long description of atrocities committed by Arabs against Jewish civilians pre-1948 and details what it describes as the support Palestinian society and Palestinian leaders gave to the Nazis during WWII.
The pamphlet reads "sadly, in recent years, the Arabs lies have received a platform of legitimacy, also within Israel. Of all places, among the Israeli elite, leaders in academics, culture, or law, who have "brought the idea of the Nakba into the Israeli public sphere."
The pamphlet doesn't try to say that no hardships were suffered by the Arabs who lived in what would later become in the land of Israel, rather that suffering did occur, but it was solely the fault of the Arabs who refused to accept the 1947 UN partition plan.
"Let there be no mistakes. No one is saying that the Arabs of Israel did not experience a disaster at the end of the 1940s; no one is trying to take away their subjective pain. True, Arabs of the land of Israel experienced a tragedy, a nakba in their words, and there is no desire or reason to blur this fact."
"The truth is, that the Palestinians and the Arab states carry 100% of the responsibility for the results of the war. Tragedy? Catastrophe? The blame is all theirs. A home-made catastrophe."
The pamphlet says that the Jewish Yishuv was willing to give up on the West Bank and the East Bank of the Jordan River, but that the Arabs "did not rest. They wanted more, they wanted everything. Their response to the Hebrew compromise was blood, fire, and billows of smoke. Death reared its head, in their cruelty, stupidity, and arrogance that knew no bounds, they brought destruction upon themselves."
The pamphlet continues "the myth of the nakba is an unprecedented and brazen fraud whose sole purpose is to make rewrite history. Under this myth, the attacker becomes the victim, and those defending themselves from massacre – become war criminals."
While the pamphlet doesn’t present exact figures on the demographics of the land of Israel pre-1948, it claims that without a shadow of a doubt the overwhelming majority of the Arabs living within the Green Line were "large groups of immigrants who made their way to Israel from Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Yemen, Sudan, and elsewhere," largely to profit from the development brought to the area by the Zionist enterprise and the British Mandate.
So Mary from Brighton and Tucker and all the other intellectually challenged trolls who infest this website go and peddle your lies and distortions elsewhere. If there was a Naqba it was the displacement of 900,000 Jews from Arab lands where they had lived for thousands of years and the confiscation of their property without recompense


JC Webmaster

Tue, 11/22/2011 - 15:18

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Rich Armbach

Tue, 11/22/2011 - 15:26

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Not quite. Irving's garbage can have an appearance of coherence and he's often ingenious.


Tue, 11/22/2011 - 17:13

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Tucker and Armbach prove their intellectual bankruptcy by attacking the messenger with ad hominem and despicable attacks lacking even a morsel of wit but are clearly incapable of attacking the message because it is impossible to verify a lie however many times they repeat it.


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