The BBC a law unto itself

By Advis3r
February 21, 2012

This week the Supreme Court turned on a pinhead and managed to save the BBC from releasing the Balen Report which dealt with claims of anti-Israel bias in its Middle East reporting and which it has suppressed claiming somewhat hypocritically that the Freedom of Information Act which it uses time and again does not apply to it. I suppose the vigour with which it has defended its "right" to suppress this report leads one to the obvious conclusion that it indeed has much to hide.

That said it therefore comes as no surprise than when you go to its Middle East website these are the stories it is touting - all of which are more than a little slanted against Israel.

1. The world's most expensive lemons
2. EU report urges action on Israel
3. Bethlehem's shepherds a dying breed
4. Rising settler violence in West Bank

I am not linking to them why aid and abet the UK's answer to Al Jazeera, So it goes on ...


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