Real Phoney

By Advis3r
November 4, 2011

I do not have to dance to your tune. Israel accepted the Palmer report with reservations - you actually asked about the Goldstone report which Mr Goldstone himself has to a great extent retracted he has also written an extensive op-ed in the New York Times which disproves the claim which you have made that Israel is an Apartheid State. if you had the sense to understand it I would have suggested you read it.

As CIf Watch says:Here at CiF Watch we have covered extensively in the past the subject of the connections between the various ‘Free Gaza’ flotilla stunts and their extreme Islamist organisers. The facts behind these repeated operations are freely available for anyone to find, and yet the jaded scenario of Western ‘human rights activists’ engaging in PR stunts on behalf of a non-democratic, racist, repressive theocratic regime continues to be promoted by the supposedly ‘liberal’ Guardian’s Jerusalem correspondent Harriet Sherwood, who is apparently determined to avoid all serious investigative reporting at any cost.

And I would add supported by the intellectually challenged bigots like you who unfortunately infest this website spewing your anti-Israel diatribes at every opportunity.


Real Real Zionist

Fri, 11/04/2011 - 11:15

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No answer came the extremely loud reply

JC Webmaster

Fri, 11/04/2011 - 14:54

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