May their evil plans be thwarted

By Advis3r
March 25, 2011

The Palestinians have been threatening to go to the UN for it to circumvent any peace negotiations and declare a Palestinian state on all of the land liberated by Israel in 1967 and to declare the eastern suburbs of Jerusalem as such state's capital. Up to now Israel has looked on this with seeming indifference basically because it would require a resolution of the Security Council and even the Palestinians lukewarm supporters would not vote for such a resolution. furthermore the US even with the current administration would veto such a proposal.
However it has since come to light that there is a UN resolution still binding - UN Resolution 377 which was passed at the height of the Korean War to thwart the USSR’s veto in the Security Council which effectively choked off any chance of a peaceful resolution which did not have the USSR's imprimatur. This gave the General Assembly of the UN whose resolutions are not binding the authority in certain circumstances to pass binding resolutions even up to a declaration of war.
This resolution was used in the 1980's to set up the state of Namibia in the face of South Africa and its allies’ opposition and to impose binding sanctions on that country.
It now appears that the PA is intending to use this tactic in pursuit of its aims. It will ensure that the US vetoes any declaration of Palestinian statehood thereby effectively satisfying the requirements of Resolution 377 i.e. stalemate in the Security Council and take the matter with a carefully worded resolution which most countries would find hard to oppose (even though it could effectively mean the dismantling of the State of Israel) to the General Assembly where it has a built in majority to not only impose a Palestinian State but also sanctions and other penalties on the State of Israel. it is becoming clear why there has been so muh activity recently by so-called supporters of the Palestinians ably supported by the left-wing British media to demonize and delegitimise the State of Israel calling for the "experiment" to be ended.
This is not idle chatter – this is definitely what is on the cards the Palestinians have said so themselves. Those of you in the UK who support Israel as a Jewish and democratic state have a daunting task before you. It is imperative that this is brought to everyone’s attention and the Jewish Community mobilised.
Those Jews who really care for Israel and do not engage in the immoral equivalency of equating us trying to protect our citizens with the terrorist enclave that is now Gaza whose so-called government indiscriminately fires rockets into Israeli towns and uses its own people as human shields for propaganda purposes, must start badgering their MPs of whatever persuasion to ensure Britain opposes such a move or at least abstains. For if enough countries in the Security Council abstain then the US will not have to use its veto and the conditions of Resolution 377 will not be met; the Palestinians' plans will be thwarted.


Joe Millis

Fri, 03/25/2011 - 11:16

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Eventually, for the sake of Israel as the democratic Jewish state, there will be a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Unless, of course, you want Israel to slide towards apartheid.
I don't how the Palestinians going to the UN as a unilateral move is any different from Israel taking unilateral moves to build settlements and roads in the occupied territories. Or how about the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza that was intended to put the peace process in formaldehyde?
Israel should be flattered. The Palestinians are just imitating the Israelis in taking unilateral steps.


Mon, 03/28/2011 - 17:20

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Israel is veering towards an Apartheid state - if indeed, as many argue, it hasn't already achieved this status.

I take issue with calling Gaza a 'terrorist enclave'. Gaza is imprisoned and all fair minded people, Jewish or otherwise realise that. To maintain a stranglehold over so many people will not solve the issue of Palestinian independence. I sincerely hope that the Palestinians achieve their independence and are officially recognised into the international community - as many countries already welcome them.

Israel would also benefit from a free Palestine.


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