Hatred by any other name

By Advis3r
December 7, 2011

It is truly breathtaking that arrogant and insignificant nobodies living out their obviously inconsequential lives believe they have the natural right to dictate to Israel on how it should conduct itself. Who appointed them the arbiter of right and wrong - how would they stand up to having their own pathetic little lives minutely dissected as they attempt to dissect a country and its people?
Israel while not perfect, (which country or nation is?) is certainly at the opposite end of the spectrum of freedom respect for life and fairness from all of the oppressive regimes which are its fiercest critics.
No other country in the world has so many self-appointed external critics, many of them self-hating Jews who are troubled by us having the gall to stand up and defend ourselves, telling it and its people what we must and must not to do as Israel and its people have.
No other country in the world is in receipt of so much gratuitous advice abuse and insults as Israel and its people are, most of it conveyed by way of obfuscation of the facts and total lack of context and delivered in cheap and nasty jibes in an attempt to delegitimize its very right to exist.
It seems the entire world and its uncle would like to think that we are its Jews who they consider they are entitled as in times past to bully and torment as they see fit.
They put everything we do and everything we say under the most powerful of microscopes and hold us to standards which they would not dream of adhering to themselves. They try to make out that somehow they are cleverly disproving (what is, in any event, a patently false claim) that in some way we believe ourselves or the political standards by which we govern and conduct ourselves are superior to anyone else.
Meanwhile the worst excesses are being perpetrated and human freedom is truly in jeopardy around the world but why should these self-important beings do anything about that when it is so much easier to dump their hatred and abuse on the State of Israel and its people.


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