Gratuitous Abuse

By Advis3r
December 7, 2011

"It's almost as though, under the influence of the ultra religious right, this kind of mysogyny has become an accepted norm."

That's rich or should I say snide even for a rabid Jew hater like your goodself - since when were Gantz and/Barak influenced either by religion or even right wing politics? As I said tolerance to all unless that is you are a religious Jew. I suppose the Chilean President and maybe even Eddie Gray were also influenced by ultra religious right wing Jews when they made their outrageous comments about women!

Oh and by the way Barak, noticing the presence of female soldiers at the exercise, asked what level of command they belong to.

"Who are the women here? Are they from the battalion or the brigade? From the division?"

Gantz answered -- in a joke that may have been meant as a lighthearted poke at the Golani Brigade commander, Col. Ofek Buchris, who is religious – "They sing at the breaks… When we take a break, they sing." Seems like you Rich they believe you can say what you like about religious Jews - they have no human rights.


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