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By Advis3r
January 1, 2012 apparently not the first time either

Unlike the "Palestinians" the Kurds are a nation with a 4000 year history who are being denied self determination by Turkey. in Kurdistan Over 40,000 people have been killed since 1984 in an on-going uprising by the Kurds who unlike the "Palestinians" receive no massive amounts of aid or support from the so-called enlightened Western democracies.

Compare and contrast how the BBC deals with these things:
which is sympathetic to Turkey and leads with its regrets
which buries Israel's regrets as an almost afterthought.

In fact the Media and the left-wing Israel haters keep almost totally quiet about Turkey's ongoing war against the Kurds. Just imagine what would have been the reaction if Israel had heaven forbid "mistakenly" killed 6 let alone 36 Palestinian villagers in such an incident.

One need have no doubts as to the double standards that would have been employed, or as to how quickly the UNSC/UNHRC et al would have been convened, or as to the demonstrations in Trafalgar Square with all the usual suspects that would have been organised and how many of the JC's bash Israel brigade would have come on here to condemn Israel for a massacre and war crimes even before any investigation had been carried out.


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