Boycott the Guardian

By Advis3r
January 28, 2012

"My friends, if the Board of Deputies of British Jews is going to allow antisemites to set the communal agenda - to tell us what we must and must not think and do - then we really are in serious trouble." Geoffrey Alderman

As we are too well aware this website has become home to anti-Semitic tropes posted by the likes of the odious Stanley Walinets who openly talks of the "Jewish Lobby" in the USA controlling the Government or the equally odious Chris Tucker who accuses British Jews of being more loyal to Israel than Britain because on advice they did not accept the recommendations of the British Government to meet with Abu Moussa whose agenda is clearly to create a wedge between Diaspora Jewry and Israel's democratically elected government.
I trust the Moderator is watching and will close down those particular threads if not delete them entirely from the website - there must be a limit to what is allowed in the name of so-called "free speech".


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