Year 1 Bring the Mitzvah Marathon to the Finish Line in Style

By North West school
November 22, 2010

Wow! What an amazing 11 days it has been at North West London Jewish Day School. We started the Mitzvah Marathon on Thursday 11th November with a speaker from AJEX reminding us of the importance of remembering the fallen and injured soldiers of the past and we finished with a Jewish soldier in the British Army of today telling us how important it is to remember those soldiers serving now. He explained how grateful he was to receive cards, letters and parcels from our school while he was in Afghanistan and how much it meant to him. he also reminded us to always do our best in everything we do. Just like our school motto! North West Be Your Best!

In beween remembering the troops, the children have also filled a supermarket trolley to overflowing with goods needed by our local refugee community in Brent thus doing the Mitzvah of being kind to strangers in a strange land because, as the Torah tells us many times, we have been strangers in a strange land. Mr Hirschberger, a refugee from Nazi Germany who came to the UK in 1939 on the Kindertransport, reminded us that we must not discriminate against anybody on the grounds of race or colour or religion. That is such an important lesson that we can take forward from this Mitzvah Marathon.


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