Yazzmonster in bigoted rant shock!

By Stephen Pollard
October 12, 2009

I knew it. Once I started sounding off about the Yazzmonster, I'd never stop. 

So I'm afraid she's here again...

And, guess what? She's ranting about the party conferences that the Jews are using their wiles and splashing all that cash we have:

Other lowlights to report – all three parties were lavishly entertained by the
over-influential Friends of Israel...

Yeah, well, never let the facts get in the way of a good piece of drivel, eh, Yasmin? #

As the Director of Labour Friends of Israel writes in a comment:

Yasmin, you didn't attend the Labour Friends of Israel reception at
Labour party conference. If you had done, you would have been served
house wine/orange juice and chips. Crisps and peanuts if you got to a
bowl in time. Hardly lavish.

As for our supposed
'over-influence', you don't attempt to present any evidence. Because
there isn't any. Your remark is pure prejudice. It is just bigotry and
as such the Independent shouldn't be giving it a platform.

Pure bigotry from the preposterously ignorant Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. Quelle surprise.


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