Wriggle, wriggle, wriggle

By Dan Judelson
April 17, 2010

Updates on the SAZF banning Richard Goldstone from attending his grandson's Bar Mitzvah:

Open Shuhada Street (A South African Jewish group fighting the closure of Hebron and supporting anti-occupation groups) shows how the SAZF are squirming desperately in an attempt to clear their name: http://openshuhadastreet.org/node/150

The SA Globe & Mail reports that Richard Goldstone has been “cleared” to attend – by the SAZF: http://www.mg.co.za/article/2010-04-16-goldstone-cleared-for-grandsons-b.... The semantics are interesting. How can you clear anyone in this way? The SAZF has no right to intervene and if they didn't ban him in the first place, how can they subsequently "clear" him?

Avram “Mr Sensitive” Krengel, chair of the SAZF has admitted there was discussion – but of course cannot explain with any decency why the SAZF thought it had the right to enter into discussions about the Bar Mitzvah arrangements in the first place.


Jonathan Hoffman

Sat, 04/17/2010 - 19:10

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That headline "cleared" is a misleading headline as well you know. It referes to the denial by the SAZF that there was any suggestion of any "barring".

Presumably the "discussions" were requested by a Congregation member.

You are trying - but demonstrably failing - to bring the SAZF into disrepute.

If the congregants of Sandton Synagogue threatened a mass walkout if Goldstone was called up, that is their prerogative. And if Goildstone shose to stay away that is his.

One organisation that certainly has no "right to intervene" in all this is your own, "Jews for Justice for Palestinians."


Sun, 04/18/2010 - 09:46

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Perhaps Judelson and Goldstone could have their own little private knees-up instead:

From an article at Haaretz (03/12/2009):

1) 'British Zionist activists reacted on Tuesday with "bemusement" to a letter cosigned by hundreds of pro-Palestinian Jewish compatriots urging Gordon Brown to adopt the Goldstone Report, which accuses Israel of committing war crimes during its operation last winter in the Gaza Strip.

The letter, which appeared as an advertisement in The Times Tuesday, was cosigned by more than 565 Jews - many of them belonging to organizations extremely critical of Israel - who called the controversial United Nations report by Judge Richard Goldstone a "welcome" and "key document in the upholding of international law." '

2) 'Dan Judelson, a member of the executive of Jews for Justice for Palestinians, told Haaretz that the Zionist Federation "would like people to think Jews speak with one voice, but this false perception is changing thanks to the efforts" of organizations such as his own.

He added that his organization and its partners were able to raise 10,000 pounds over a period of a week from more than 500 people, who sponsored The Times ad. Judelson also said his organization viewed the Goldstone report as "generally fair toward Israel," and that the U.K. should recognize Hamas as a partner for talks.'


To show that there are absolutely no hard feelings towards Goldstone's grandson, I suggest you make a donation in his grandfather's name to this excellent organisation:

Friends Of The Israel Defense Forces



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