Working hard for Jewish voters in Ilford

By Lee Scott
April 19, 2010

Jewish voters tell me on the doorsteps of Ilford North that they want a member of parliament who is above all fair, honest and above reproach.

They want an MP who will work tirelessly whatever their constituents’ background or faith without compromising his or her own beliefs.

These are the principles that I campaigned on in 2005 and have upheld since entering the House of Commons for the first time. I will continue to uphold them if I am honoured to be re-elected.

As a Jew born and brought up in the constituency, which is made up of many different faiths and cultures, I know that for communities to co-exist in harmony then elected representatives must embody the ideals that will achieve this.

I am proud of my record of promoting understanding with a level-headed approach to community relations while treating individual constituents with the compassion that they deserve.

This does not diminish my commitment to promoting the Jewish faith and beliefs in my locality or nationally.

Whether it is serving as chairman of governors for Clore Tikvah Jewish primary school, from 2004 to 2007, or actively supporting Chabad Drugsline, run by Rabbi Aryeh Sufrin.

The charity is based in Ilford North and is a prime example of the Jewish community reaching out to those in need regardless of culture or belief.

I am also an officer for the Conservative Friends of Israel and the Zionist Federation and a former campaign director for the UJIA.

Vote Conservative on 6 May.

Lee Scott is the Conservative MP for Ilford North. He is campaigning for re-election.

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Jonathan Hoffman

Mon, 04/19/2010 - 19:15

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Good luck Lee. I know how hard you work as a constituency MP and if anyone deserves re-election it's you.


Tue, 04/20/2010 - 09:47

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Yes, I have heard nothing but good about you.

At a time when most voters are worried about the honesty and integrity of politicians, I would like to draw your attention to Lee Scott's very moderate expense claims. In 2006/7, Mr. Scott ranked 554th out of 645 MPs for his expenses. In 2007/8, he ranked 600th out of 645 MPs. In 2008/9, he ranked 559th out of 647 MPs.


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