Who knew?

By Jenni Frazer
July 13, 2009

Seth Freedman, writing in The Guardian's Comment is Free, discloses his own, difficult experience in appearing on Press TV, which he now acknowledges was a counter-productive activity. The Iranian-funded TV station Press TV, Freedman says, "pretends to be a reputable, impartial broadcaster. In reality, it is anything but."
Entertainingly, however, Freedman says the blinkers fell from his eyes when being interviewed on Press TV by Tony Blair's most tiresome relation, his step-sister-in-law, Lauren Booth. Freedman had written an op-ed for the JC, and Booth opened her questioning by saying she had been "surprised to read something in the Jewish Chronicle that was true."
I am somewhat surprised to find that Booth is such a regular reader. If only that were the case. She might learn something.


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