Whistling in the wind

By Stephen Pollard
May 5, 2010

Jonathan Freedland warns the Grauniad's 3 Conservative voters that they shouldn't be.

Preaching to the converted, methinks.



Jonathan Hoffman

Wed, 05/05/2010 - 22:54

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Remember that Freedland endorsed Livingstone in the 2008 London Mayoral election. That's the Livingstone who told me three times that Israel should not have been created and the third time lied that the previous Chief Rabbi had said the same thing.

Freedland's tribal loyalty to Labour comes first, second and third. He therefore feels no shame in ludicrous scaremongering ("no longer will any cancer patient be sure of seeing a specialist within two weeks"),mendacity ("...aligned this time with homophobes, rank antisemites and assorted apologists for fascism") and disingenuousness ("Reform of our absurd, unelected second chamber will be postponed indefinitely").

Labour had 13 years to reform the second chamber!

These are exactly the same tactics that Labour used to try to scare Londoners off voting in Johnson in 2008. They failed then - and they will fail now.


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