Where are the protests?

By Stephen Pollard
January 29, 2009

Something really must be done about, as Tim Marshall writes:

[T]he crisis in which, according to the UN, 'many civilians are being killed', thousands made homeless, hundreds of thousands trapped, and to which, as food shortages grow, the government refuses to allow access to journalists.

Yes indeed, the British student movement is stirring, galvanising itself into action to be joined by countless others of citizens who are shocked, shocked I tell you about the slaughter of the innocent.

Except, of course, it's not Gaza but Sri Lanka, and it's not Israel.

As Tim continues:

Because the crisis is in Sri Lanka and the righteous ones appear not to have such moral outrage underpinning their efforts to save the innocents. I agree that less media coverage equals less public awareness -but even so.

And hang on, we always hear it's not about Arabs and Israelis, Muslims and Jews, Sinhalese and Tamil - its simply about the innocent. And yet somehow the lives of the 1,300 Palestinians killed by the Israelis causes far more outrage, in certain quarters, than the 2 million dead in Congo, the tens of thousands of Iraqis killed by Sunni and Shia terrorists, or the growing number of Sri Lankan dead to add to the 70,000 killed over the past 25 years (far more than the number of Palestinians and Israelis killed in the same period).

I look forward to the calls for a boycott of Ceylon Tea, especially Orange Pekoe (never liked the stuff).


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