What Laura did next...

By Jessica Elgot
November 12, 2010

You'd think Laura McKenzie, the editor of the Leeds Student paper might have learnt from her brief brush with controversy in May 2010.

McKenzie was the student reporter who published an interview with Palestinian fixer Sameh Habeeb where he suggested the public shuld ask themselves why the media is so "pro-Israel" and that readers should "ask themselves who controls the media".

Anyone with a smidge of news sense would have said: "No, Mr Habeeb, could you clarify? Who is it that you think controls the media? Are you suggesting there's a Jewish conspiracy?"

But the article went to print unchallenged and Ms McKenzie became embroiled in an ugly censorship row with Leeds Students' Union, who demanded the offending sentence by blacked out.

After that frankly embarrassing incident, Ms McKenzie might have found herself better off sticking to reviewing student club nights. But she's back, in the Yorkshire Evening Post, storming Tory HQ.

She told the Daily Mail (who called the story 'Unmasked: the hardcore leaders of the student mob'): "I saw people going up the stairs and followed them easily. The police weren’t stopping anybody."

Presumably she went up to pursue the vandalisers with probing questions about whether their actions were undermining the march's key message?



Fri, 11/12/2010 - 17:43

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Loved the Paxman interview with Simon Hughes, Aaron Porter and Clare Solomon.
Paxman to Solomon: are you a student?
answer the question, are you a student?
How old are you?
Solomon to Paxman: I'm 37, I'm a student and my son is a student
Paxman to Solomon: Really? are you raelly a student?, what groups are you affiliated to?
etc etc


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