Welcome home, Robbie

By Stephen Pollard
February 6, 2009

Call me naive, but I loved this from Robbie Keane:

I'm delighted to be back. This is a club that's dear to my heart and I've got some great memories from when I was here for six years...I have to say, it's like I never left. The lads have been spot on, the usual, and every fan I've met so far has been absolutely brilliant to me.

I don't think I needed convincing. For whatever reason things didn't work out for me up there. That's life. And sometimes you just have to accept that and get on with it. I was chasing a dream - the team I supported as a kid, as a kid growing up you always want to play for the team you support. But sometimes the grass is not always greener on the other side and that's been the case. I'm back now. That is the past and I am looking to the future.

There was only one choice, one thing I would come back to and that's Tottenham.

I have a friend who spent some time working with the Spurs squad a while ago. And he was clear that you could not have met a nicer, more pleasant man than Robbie Keane, who repeatedly went out of his way to help my friend, and to help the young players.



Fri, 02/06/2009 - 16:17

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Now all he has to do is start scoring again. A hatrick on Sunday against the gooners will do nicely as a starting point.


Fri, 02/06/2009 - 17:43

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Number 1 is Robbie Keane,
Number 2 is Robbie Keane,
Number 3 is Robbie Keane,
Number 4 is Robbie Keane,

All we want is a team of Robbie Keanes,
A team of Robbie Keanes,
A team of Robbie Keanes,
A team of Robbie Keanes

East End Walks

Sat, 02/07/2009 - 16:36

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Fast forward to May 2009...
"and yet they still went down"

I've never understood why Jews support a NORTH
London team. Surely our tradition tells us that we are obliged to turn to the East. And the way I see it there is only one premiership team in EAST London (although from the position that Spurs are in in the league table they would have to look north to see us).


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