Week seven sees the candidates try their hands at selling the cinematic experience

By Michael Sophocles
November 17, 2010

A movie experience of a lifetime is what is on sale in this week’s episode of the Apprentice as the two teams are instructed to create and sell the big screen experience to an unsuspecting public.

Both teams will be lead by two candidates who have been flagged up by Lord Sugar as being possible time wasters in the form of Stuart ‘the brand’ Baggs and the very uncontroversial Sandeesh Samra.

I have a distinct feeling that whichever team loses, unless a member of that team makes an almighty blunder, it will be the manager in charge that will get the boot.

From what is left of the business bunch, there is a clear gap that is emerging between the very savvy (the likes of Stella, Jamie and lovely Liz) and those treading an ever increasingly tightrope. (Laura Moore please make your way to the exit)

Still everything can change in an episode but surely the Jewish Chronicle readers can now start to visualise who will be in the final?

Look out for my post Apprentice analysis and let me know who you think will make it to the end.


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