US to kidnap Briton in 2 weeks

By Melvyn Kohn
October 14, 2008

Jacqui Smith, the rather hapless Home Office Secretary who is noted for her off the wall views, decided to let the US take Gary McKinnon away. He has 2 weeks to launch a judicial review. The autistic former hacker, who got into Pentagon sites and humourously left notes telling them to clean up their security, is now clinically depressed. To make matters worse, the American hacker Kevin Poulsen only makes taunts on the Wired News site. McKinnon's mum, Janis Sharp, is ready to chain herself and her son to a fence to keep the Yanks from grabbing him.
In Hendon another mom will be taking note - Farshid Gillardian's. He too is up for this extradition nonsense. Like McKinnon, he has never set foot on US soil. And like Ian Norris, the former CEO of Morgan Crucible, he is wanted for committing legal acts on UK soil which were not in any was intended to cause harm to the US.
~But that does not matter to the Heimland Volk in the USA. So many parallels to Nazi Germany with that country, it is not surprising that anti-Semitism is rife there...just check out Texan Craig Smith's A poster on that site went high school and killed nine classmates a couple years ago. Nice country.
And it is not just high school kids posting on nazi sites that kill their mates, but US soldiers who kill US soldiers - and then get protection. Why are they not extradited or forced to answer questions at inquests?
Let us all closed ranks on this nonsense and keep McKinnon and Gillardian from being sent to some US/Nazi style Camp X Ray. They have enough problems with their own citizens.


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