University College London’s AGM rescheduled

By Simon Friend
February 12, 2009

After being cancelled because of heavy snow, University College London’s AGM has been rescheduled for a Friday afternoon — February 27. Two motions have been tabled on the Gaza conflict. The Friends of Palestine Society want to “mandate the UCL academic affairs officer to write to the Provost of the university on behalf of the union… condemning Israel’s attacks on Gaza, as well as demanding that old books and computers are sent to universities in Gaza and scholarships offered to Palestinian students”. They also want “a wooden placard in the union building stating: ‘UCL Union is twinned with Al-Quds University (West Bank) and Al-Azhar University (Gaza).’” Daniel Sommer, a JSoc member who has tabled a motion calling for the union “to remain apolitical and neutral regarding foreign policy”, has called the union’s rescheduling of the AGM “insensitive and unfair, disenfranchising Orthodox Jewish students”. A union representative said: “While we are aware that the scheduling is deeply problematic for religious students, the timing of the meeting was largely determined by the space available at UCL.”


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