ULU sabbatical team members in anti-Israel campaigning

By Simon Friend
March 12, 2009

The top two students in next year’s sabbatical team at the University of London Union (ULU) have both recently been actively involved in anti-Israel campaigning. ULU, which includes London campuses such as University College, LSE, King’s College and Queen Mary’s College, this week elected Nizam Uddin as next year’s president. Currently the co-president of the School of Oriental and African Studies’ (SOAS) Students’ Union, Uddin called his university’s “Tel Aviv 100” lecture series “embarrassing”.

Hilary Aked, also from SOAS, who has written articles for the London Student about “why Palestine is the victim and Israel the aggressor”, will edit that newspaper — one of the most widely distributed student publications in the country — next year.


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