UK to Israel: Cast Lead means no more gun spares

By Stephen Pollard
July 13, 2009

This is a story which is going to run and run:

The UK government has revoked the licenses of five arms companies to
supply to the Israeli military with spare parts for guns on Sa'ar 4.5

British officials have confirmed that the ban was imposed because
the supplies were being used by Israeli battleships which participated
in the attack on Gaza.

They've said it's not an embargo:

We reassessed these licenses against the U.K. and EU consolidated
criteria. We judged that in a small number of cases Israeli action in
Operation Cast Lead would result in the export of those goods now
contravening the consolidated criteria. These licenses have been

But you know what they say about looking like a duck and quacking. And the reasoning behind the revocation is what really matters - that Cast Lead was wrong. This is going to be very interesting... 



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