UJS holds inaugural student awards dinner

By Simon Friend
March 26, 2009

This week UJS held its inaugural student awards dinner in Middlesex New Synagogue, Harrow — the community of the late Alan Senitt, the former UJS chairman after whom an award was named. The awards recognised the hard work and dedication of Jewish students who have made an exceptional contribution to Jewish life on campus over the past academic year. The results were:

- UJIA Education Award: Adam Parker, a founding member of the Oxford Israeli Cultural Society.

- Developing JSoc of the Year award: Brighton and Sussex JSoc, which has continued to provide an exciting calendar of events for their students, despite the background of political troubles on their campus.

- ZF Israel Connect Events Award: Aaron Kienwald, for organising some of the most successful events in London’s Jewish student community.

- World Jewish Relief Social Action Award: Yoav Farbey, for the many activities which he has organised in Bristol, in particular the Spotlight on Darfur event: planning, publicising and running the event which raised money for Darfur-related charities.

- CST Campaigns Award: Adam Langleben, for running campaigns at Leeds Metropolitan University where he successfully twinned Leeds Met with Hebrew University — and never lost a motion.

- Alan Senitt Award: Jeremy Foreman, for his dedication to all areas of Jewish life, having held the positions of Bristol JSoc chair, UJS West England chair and been an active political activist and an NUS steering member.


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