Too thick to eat or drink

By Stephen Pollard
May 29, 2007

We are now, officially, too stupid to decide for ourselves what to eat and what to drink. With cheese advertising now banned, this weekend saw confirmation that alcoholic drinks will carry a health warning: Alcoholic drinks will carry new health warning labels by the end of 2008 under a voluntary agreement between ministers and the drinks industry. The labels will detail alcoholic units and recommended safe drinking levels. Bottles and cans currently have alcohol percentages, but only some state what this equals in alcoholic units. Public health minister Caroline Flint says exactly what the labels will say is not decided, but the warnings will not be as strong as for cigarettes. The measure was first proposed three years ago, but both sides have struggled to agree on a format. It is not known how many drinks firms will sign up for the scheme, but ministers said if the industry did not comply, the government would introduce legislation.
My take on this is available here.


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