Today you make the difference

By Lee Scott
May 6, 2010

Today is your day. The day that you get the Government that you deserve, and I don’t mean that unkindly. That cross in the box also determines who represents you in your area for the next five years.

In Ilford North the voters that I’ve spoken to are clear what and who they want and why. They are tired of Labour and will be voting Conservative.

Last night I met with some concerned people in my constituency who want an end to the anti-social behaviour in their area of Ilford North.

I was able to share the good news about a project called Open Door which occupies a shopfront in Barkingside. It’s a charity that’s had grants from Conservative-lead Redbridge Council.

It’s somewhere to go for the young people who otherwise have nothing to do. Since it’s opened complaints about noise, litter and intimidation have dropped. The young people say they finally got somewhere to gather which offers them stimulating activities.

If I’m honoured to be re-elected then we’re going to look at how the success of that project can be replicated in other parts of the constituency.

This is a good example of how local issues are dominating the national agenda. Voters want to know how their MP will connect national policies to create local solutions.

The Conservatives want to see a better quality of life for British people, it’s an underpinning principle. It’s what matters on the doorsteps of Ilford North.

Make a difference and vote Conservative today.

Lee Scott is the Conservative candidate for Ilford North.

This blog is part of the's On The Campaign Trail blog for the Election 2010 where candidates in key Jewish areas have been invited to blog. Read more on our Election 2010 page



Fri, 05/07/2010 - 08:25

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Congratulations! It couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke.

REDBRIDGE: Tory MP re-elected with increased majority in Ilford North


"TORY MP Lee Scott has been re-elected with an increased majority in Ilford North.

Mr Scott's constituency was number 28 on Labour's target list of seats nationwide but he expanded his lead to a healthy 5,404 on a swing of 3.7 per cent from Labour to the Conservatives when the result was announced this morning (Thursday)."

Jonathan Hoffman

Fri, 05/07/2010 - 10:01

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Well done Lee

zair (not verified)

Fri, 05/07/2010 - 10:50

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Yes, well done Lee - although you had the swing with you ;)


Fri, 05/07/2010 - 11:37

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Excellent result!

And poor old George, down Poplar way, is no longer the cat that got the cream!

zair (not verified)

Mon, 05/10/2010 - 15:23

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I have been asked to post this here:

For the Record

From Michael Klein
(Sonia Klein’s Husband)

I have consciously tried to stay out of the political fray during the 2010 election. The election was between Lee and Sonia, and in a democracy, it is right that this is exactly where the focus for voters should be. But, now that the election is over, I want to set the record straight and put Mssr. Scott and the broader community on notice that his behaviour is not acceptable, inflammatory, and according to my attorneys, the basis for legal action – a course of action I do not relish, but will be forced to pursue if the frankly racist behaviour against my wife continues.


Sonia never has been, nor is she now, anti-semitic. You of course are free to believe in a free country whatever you want in private, no matter how distorted or self serving the view. However, the comments that you and your shills make in public are not given the same protection in law, as you well know. In short, I believe, and can prove, that you have orchestrated a campaign to label my wife as an anti-semitic racist, and that sir, is untrue, disgraceful, and frankly, against the law.

In case you are not clear on what slander is:

Slander and libel are false or malicious claims that may harm someone's reputation.

This basic definition from wikipedia which can be verified by your attorneys, just ask them.

To the facts of the issue:

Sonia’s Campaign

Sonia studiously avoided making any claims about you which could not be backed by your own words as printed in a public place, your votes in Parliament, or through your membership of certain groups. As a matter of political fact, you must be prepared to run on your record, your publicly made views, and through organizations you are a member of – how else are citizens supposed to gather an opinion about your views and likely pattern of voting once elected? Your attempts to claim my wife ran a negative campaign are disgraceful and not based on fact. Trust me on this, if we had run a negative campaign, you’d damn well know it. You are lucky she is an honourable and thoroughly British lady.

Frankly, if you don’t agree with your own statements in Parliament or to the press, recant them.

And, if you don’t share the same views as the organizations which you belong to, then resign from them, or clarify where your views differ – as my wife has done when her views differ from official Labour policy.

If her policy views are different from your’s, you should have had the backbone to engage her in open debate. You of course chose not to participate in the debates at the South Woodford Mosque and on the Islam Channel. And, I note not one Synagogue held a hustings or invited my wife to speak to their congregations. I take this to mean that you don’t actually want to have an open debate, but rather prefer to hide your views from the public, and preferred to wage an inflamatory campaign against my wife with the willing collaboration of at least three newspapers and numorous shills on the blogs …… while accusing her of a negative campaign, rich.

As a side note, it is really quite disingenuous of you to knee jerk label my wife as anti semitic if she holds views on how to establish peace in the Middle East that is contrary to the current policy by the Israeli Government. In fact, I know there are very large sections of the Jewish community which disagree vigorously with current policy in Israel. Are they anti-semitic? Unless they hate their parents, their children, their community and their religion, I’d say not. Your attempts to conflate political disagreements to racism, are shameful, and do not serve the long term safety and stabilty of the Jewish Community or Israel. This is my personal opinion, but I know it is shared by many.

My wife clearly stated her views on regonition of Israel and a cessation of all violence. Did you not see this or was it inconvenient for the racist narrative you were peddling?

The Actual Racist Incitement and Comments

While we have worked studiously to only focus on policy differences based on fact, you on the other hand have gone to great lengths to label my wife anti-semitic, and in so doing, incite an islamaphobic response. I can broadly understand the political calculus in this, but unfortunatly, in this country, it is illegal if proven in court.

Your alleged death threats, which were then put on the front page of the the Tory (Ilford) Recorder, amongst others, were a rather convenient way for you to generate publicity and create racial hatred by various sections of the electorate. How convenient for you, how disgraceful. If you actually cared about your community, you would have dealt with this very differently. If true, it is shameful and abhorant. If true, the last thing one does if he / she cares about community cohesion, is tar an entire community with front page allegations.

My wife has received considerable abuse from various parts of the Jewish community which I blame on you. We have had numerous calls from members of the community that have told us what you’ve said at the Synagogues around Ilford North. Do you think this is acceptable? Most have told us we should contact an attorney. Are you seriously banking on the fact we won’t be able to get witnesses? Do you think everyone agrees with you or can’t see through your racist comments against my wife?

We are also fully aware of poll tellers saying Sonia is anti semitic to voters as they entered the polls. Was this coordinated by you?

And, the blogs. Well, disgraceful.

Your comments at the count are interesting. You said quite audibly, “justice is served”. Actually, not quite yet.

What I Want

You owe my wife an apology for orchestrating a campaign to label her as an anti-semitic racist. You of course are free to do nothing, your choice. Think carefully for once. I’m not my wife, and I’m not playing around.

I’ve posted this here because I’m sure you will get this, and I believe the Jewish Community deserves to hear the truth. I will not be looking at this site further and will not spend my time responding to blog posts in the future … so don’t bother wailing that I’m not responding in the future. I have better things to do with my time. Campaigns can create the best and the worst in human nature, so once my wife receives an apology, I’ll consider the matter closed between us personally.. The rest is left to you and the broader community which you are representing, good luck.

Jonathan Hoffman

Mon, 05/10/2010 - 15:51

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What a load of sour grapes from a defeated candidate.

Klein's website has a section "Do you Really Know Lee Scott?" on the front page. Lee's website does not even mention her.

Who was smearing who?

Klein allegedly said that Israel is an apartheid state. Did she say that?

She is endorsed by MPAC and unlike Matthew Harris in Hendon did not disown the support of this viciously anti-Israel organisation.

She believes in talking to Hamas whose Charter seeks the genocide of the Jewish People.

And you have the nerve to post this defamatory rubbish about Lee Scott?

Shame on you!

Jonathan Hoffman

Mon, 05/10/2010 - 16:16

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" ...the broader community which you are representing"

Lee Scott represents his constituents. No-one else.

And the outrageousness of your allegations that he "orchestrated a campaign to label her as an anti-semitic racist" can be seen from the ethnic profile of the constituency. 6.4% of the voters are Muslim. Such a campaign would be politically stupid, quite apart from anything else.

Are you really Sonia's husband?

Maybe you are instead an agent provocateur?

Jonathan Hoffman

Mon, 05/10/2010 - 17:42

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Here is what MPAC got up to. Klein never disowned their support.....


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