Time to put Jade in the shade

By Danny Caro
March 3, 2009

I don’t want to sound callous or cold-hearted but have had enough of the coverage of Jade Goody’s battle against cancer.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel for the poor girl but I know many people who have been affected by the illness.

The media coverage of her brave fight has been applauded for making the public aware, but at the end of the day, Jade is one of millions of women in this unfortunate position.

My problem is that I don’t believe she has earned the right to be front page news. After all, her only claim to fame was being on Big Brother, a show I have absolutely zero time for. And it’s not as though she won it, any how. In fact, she was accused of racism so I wonder how many other people are in my boat?

Jade has had her day. Her wedding was funded by OK magazine, the dress donated by Harrods owner Mohammed Al Fayed, and I’m sure there were plenty more hand-outs along the way for a wedding that cost an estimated £315,000. Her big day was surrounded by headlines that the ceremony has gripped the nation, but it didn’t grip me. Enough already.

Her fella, Jack Tweed, was even given special dispensation to leave prison for 24 hours where he’s serving time for assaulting a 16-year-old with a golf club. And surprise, surprise, the bad boy is back in the news again after allegedly assaulting a cabbie. Will her get more special treatment this time around when he’s like to cite stress as the reason for his reported actions.

But the crying shame is that the millions of other sufferers deserve the same treatment. In my eyes as I don’t see Jade Goody as a celebrity so let’s get her off the front pages, at least until she bids farewell.

With the recession, cricketers getting shot at in Pakistan, forest fires and plane crashes, there must be some real news out there somewhere.


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