Thursday counts a must

By Stephen Pollard
January 19, 2010

The first useful thing John Bercow has done as Speaker. Responding to a Point of Order yesterday by Julian Lewis on the apparent drift towards Friday ballot counts at the forthcoming general election, Mr Speaker has made clear that this is simply unacceptable:

For my own part, I am a passionate believer in instant,
not slow motion, democracy. It seems to me that it is in the interests
of the House and the country that the count should take place on the
night, and there are two overwhelmingly compelling reasons why: first,
I believe that there could be a threat to the security of the ballot if
the count is delayed; and, secondly, it seems to me that on the day the
election takes place, it should be possible for the count also to take
place so that we get the result speedily.

Frankly, it should not be
beyond the wit and sagacity of humankind—or indeed of local
authorities—to ensure that that happens. I politely suggest to the
House that what is required is not a passive acceptance of the
particular views of individual local authority chief executives, but
rather an assertion of leadership nationally and politically, at a
local level, to achieve what I sense the House is uniting in wishing to

Quite right.

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