The Yazzmonster

By Stephen Pollard
January 29, 2009

There are few more reliably horrendous columnists than the Yazzmonster (the woman who wrote an entire column about how I had turned the JC into a right wing rag, before I had actually started working here). And she excels herself idiotic self today:

Who is responsible for the bloody, economic mess we are in today? Who navigated our ships into rocky, turbulent seas? And who still got magnificently rewarded for stupidity, arrogance, atrocious judgements and foolhardy projections? Here are some of the skippers; Lord Stevenson and Andy Hornby (HBOS), Sir Tom McKillop and Sir Fred Goodwin (RBS), Adam Applegarth and Matt Ridley (Northern Rock). Then there are the gentleman who run other familiar banks and the City of London. Their regulators who spectacularly failed to notice the piling wreckage, also men of a certain caste and stature. The Prime Minister and Chancellor, the US banking giants all sailed with gay abandon and no foresight. This recession was man-made, made by men, white men to be precise.

Ah yes, racial blame for economic chaos. Remind you of anyone?

Now, what colour does this man look to you:


Er, maybe not. He is Virkam Pandit, head of Citibank, widely considered to be an American bank. That is, a bank in America that might have been involved with the latest financial meltdown.

And do I really need to cite the latest Indian fraud? Or Africa?

Maybe they all thought they were white.




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