The pantomime of Katie and Peter

By Marcus Dysch
November 24, 2009

Three months ago I heard that the Katie Price/Peter Andre divorce was a set-up, designed to guarantee them both maximum publicity for months to come before, ultimately, a reconciliation before the end of the year.

I dismissed it as too far fetched, too desperate, too cynical a ploy for even the British media to go along with.

Now I wonder.

It’s all coming together nicely isn’t it? Katie has just pocketed a massive wad of cash for appearing in I’m a Celebrity. Peter has, I believe, had a new song or album our recently, and today I learn from a colleague that OK! (or it may have been Hello) has cleared its Christmas pages ready for a special edition.

I could be sick.

Of course it may all be genuine. Maybe I’m the one who is cynical. Price and Andre may have fallen out, they may fall madly in love all over again and there may be a happy ending.

It matters little to me. I can change the channel, turn the page, and so on.

But this entire sordid episode has made a few people (Price, Andre, Alex Reid, the tabloids, ITV) plenty and plenty of money, while the mugs who fall for this pantomime continue to cough up their recession-battered, hard-earned cash to ensure they don’t miss the latest instalment.

What a sad indictment of modern Britain that this not only passes as ‘entertainment’, but worse still, ‘news’.


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