The orphans' picnic

By Jenni Frazer
May 26, 2010

It used to be said, as the old joke had it, that the definition of chutzpah was the boy who shot and killed both his parents so that he could attend the orphans' picnic.
I have a new definition: Christian Aid.
A press person for this charity is offering one-on-one interviews with people "who have spent months in Israel and the West Bank monitoring Human Rights Abuses".
Among the candidates is one Miranda Pinch, "great for sound-bites", warbles the press officer, who, on closer examination, comes out with a humdinger of an allegation which is presented with blithe self-assurance by Christian Aid. Ms Pinch, it emerges, was born Jewish but has converted to Christianity. She spent time in Hebron.
Guess what Miranda was doing there? "Miranda patrolled a school to prevent Palestinian children being attacked by Israeli settlers. Their presence ensured that the children would be safe. The head mistress had told her some of the children had been sexually abused on their way home."
On what possible evidence has Christian Aid the gall to persuade its supporters that there is any truth whatsoever in this? Some settlers, of whom I am not the greatest of fans, may have been verbally and physically violent on all too many occasions. But sexually abusing Palestinian children? As almost a routine hazard on the way home from school?
Miranda, you have lost your mind if you accept this kind of casual garbage without questioning it. This, Christian Aid, is what I call antisemitism. And, of course, a special kind of chutzpah.


Jonathan Hoffman

Thu, 05/27/2010 - 00:23

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Charities have an obligation to tell the truth (CC9). Please complain to the Charity Commission. Or send me the Press Release and I will complain.

Blacklisted Dictator

Thu, 05/27/2010 - 07:20

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Hi Jenni,

Great to have you back blogging on The JC. I missed you.

Of course, Christian Aid has been reading ecclesiastical medieval tracts about what The Jews get up to in their spare time.

It is also possible that the The Jews also wanted to use the children's blood at Passover to make Motzah. Perhaps The Chief Rabbi could confirm whether this is still mandatory.

Jonathan Hoffman

Thu, 05/27/2010 - 13:20

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Statement from Christian Aid:

"Christian Aid unreservedly apologises for mis-reporting an interview with Miranda Pinch, an English social worker who travelled to the West Bank in January 2010 with ecumenical accompaniers whom we support.

Ms Pinch told Christian Aid that a Palestinian headmistress in Hebron had described how Jewish settlers verbally sexually harassed children on their way to school.

Verbal sexual harassment is clearly different from sexual abuse and we apologise for the inaccurate representation of what Ms Pinch said."

Jonathan Hoffman

Thu, 05/27/2010 - 13:49

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It still leaves this question unanswered: Did Christian Aid verify Pinch's statement before they sent it out? Under Charity Commission Note CC9 charities have a legal obligation to verify material they send out:

"Such material must be factually accurate and have a legitimate evidence base."

Did Pinch verify the headmistress' allegation?

If a Jewish Israeli social worker alleged that Palestinians sexually harrassed Jewish children of settlers on their way to school, would Christian Aid go through the same verification process as they did (or did not) in this case?

Jenni Frazer

Thu, 05/27/2010 - 14:42

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Please see our exclusive story here

Jonathan Hoffman

Thu, 05/27/2010 - 15:14

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Isn't Miranda Pinch a character in Harry Potter?


Fri, 05/28/2010 - 17:54

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Why dissemble, Jenni? Pederasty is quite kosher, quite orthodox...

...and quite common in and out of the mikvah at the synagogue.

Sanhedrin 54b — “If a boy under the age of nine perpetrated sodomy upon an adult, the adult is not liable for punishment, for the intercourse of a boy under nine years of age is not legally an act of intercourse. Since a child less than nine years old cannot commit sodomy, he can also not be the object of sodomy….This Baraita supports Rav, for it teaches that if a man engaged in homosexual intercourse with a child under the age of nine, he is exempt from liability.”

Ketubot 11b — “…intercourse with a boy under nine years old is not considered a significant sexual act…” and “If a grown up man has intercourse with a little girl, it is nothing, for having intercourse with a girl less than three years old is like putting a finger in the eye.”

There is also the Torah’s excuse for “unwitting” sodomy, also at Sanhedrin 54b, as if such an unnatural and intrinsically difficult act could be accidental. As Hoffman opines, such a loophole is “beneath contempt.”

Michael Hoffman, Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition, and Deceit. ISBN 13: 9780970378453 pp. 676-705.

See also:


Caribbean “Brothers in the Faith” Under Investigation for Child Trafficking, Sex Slavery


Fri, 05/28/2010 - 18:02

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@ Blacklisted Dictator

Since you bring it up...

The son of the former Chief Rabbi of Rome, Israeli Prof. Ariel Toaff, documented an Ashkenazi cult of ritual child murder:

Toaff, Ariel. Pasque di Sangue: Ebrei d’Europa e omicidi rituali [Bloody Passover: European Jews and Ritual Homicide] (Bologna, Italy: Il Mulino, 2007).

An English translation is available at:

Under great ADL duress (Wagner, Matthew & AP, “‘Blood Libel’ Author halts press,” The Jerusalem Post, February 14, 2007, Toaff penned a censored second edition with the profits promised to the ADL.

While the Always Innocent Perpetual Victims wailed that the perpetrators of St. Simon's ritual crucifixion and bloodletting murder had been tortured—as indeed they had been, they were at pains to explain what Toaff had adduced—that those who had been tortured revealed the as-yet-unknown location of St. Simon's corpse. Had torture miraculously infused such knowledge?

Too, the "blood libel" claimants pass off the confessions as a tell-me-what-you-want-me-to-say phenomenon, but, not only did the perpetrators reveal the location of St. Simon's mutilated little body, but Toaff documented that the perpetrators also revealed secret aspects of Judaic rituals that could not have been known to the torturers.

Denials, bribery, rent garments, death threats, etc.—the modus operandi is repeated throughout history whether it is the ritual murder of Fr. Thomas in Damascus, the trial of Leo Frank for the murder of little Mary Fagan (the event that spawned the ADL), or the recent Israeli "Defense" Force's involvement with the rabbis' murder-for-organ-harvesting crime syndicate.

Of course, the ADL's second edition is readily available to anyone who would want it.

One thing that is interesting because it was "missing in action" from all the furor was Toaff's documentation of Judaic culture in medieval Italy at the time of St. Simon of Trent. It is not just a ritual murder cult that Toaff documented, but a wicked culture pervaded by perversion and criminality, including prostitution, violent extortion, and murder-for-hire, especially by physician poisoners. Toaff freely stipulated such a hellish culture, but not a peep was ever mentioned about that in all the propaganda against him and his book.


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