The Obama show comes to town

By Daniella Peled
July 23, 2008

The Obama show has come to town. It’s a big day for the Democratic presidential candidate and all-round shiny wunderkind, which officially started with an 8 am breakfast with Defence Minister Ehud Barak.
Then followed a mad rush to tick off all the requisite national icons – Yad Vashem, Ramallah, Sderot, Shimon Peres – before the finale at the Western Wall tonight.
There will be no lack of kippah-wearing, Peres-hugging photo opportunities with which the presumptive leader of the free world can wow Jewish voters back home.
Even better, Hamas issued a sneering accusation that Obama was trying to get to the White House “at the expense of the Palestinians".
And some lovely Ramallah Democrat-loving Palestinian baker has even named a bagel after him.


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