The nasty party

By Stephen Pollard
April 19, 2010

You'll have noticed a theme to my blogs today: the LibDems.

A commenter below protests that I am spending too much time attacking them. Thing is, they need to be attacked. Their ascent in the polls fills me with horror. Their holier than thou attitude is political hypocrisy at its worst, they lie about other parties in ways that go way beyond the usual political knockabout, they fight dirty and they are utterly sharneless in giving different messages to different audiences.

To wit:

Nick Clegg attacks evertyone else on expenses, and claims to be a breath of fresh air. Yet the LibDems took £2.4 million from convicted fraudster Michael Brown and have refused to hand back a penny, in full knowledge of his conviction. You and I might call that plain wrong: to the LibDems it's the way things are done.

Many moons ago, I worked for Peter Shore, the MP for the then Bethnal Green and Stepney constituency. Tower Hamlets was unfortunate enough to have a LibDem majority. Their flagship policy - which was illegal even at the time they advocated it - was 'local housing for local people', or 'Sons and Daughters' as they dubbed it. Heard of it recently? Yup. It's the same policy, with the same name, as the BNP. LibDems will adopt the most blatantly racist policies when it suits them, as it did in an area with large Bangladeshi and Somali populations.

Every time I see a LibDem posing as Mr or Mrs Nice, I want to scream 'Don't be suckered by these people'. Yes, there are some decent people in the LibDems. But as a party, they are not so much two-faced as downright hypocrites.

And, by the way, have a look at this latest example of LibDem niceness.





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