The Long Distance Rabbi

By Simon Rocker
October 27, 2010

Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg, of the New North London Synagogue, is in the first week of a three-week sponsored walk from Frankfurt to Finchley, accompanied by his dog Mitzpah.

You can read about the journey on the blog as they go along on Rabbi Wittenberg's blog Carrying the Flame.

Here’s a brief extract from the first day; “We stopped at a restaurant for a cup of coffee and I asked for a slice of bread for Mitzpah. The waiter brought one, and then another and a third and fourth (walking is a hungry business, especially if you run about three miles for your owner’s every one). Before we left I asked to pay. “Bread and water are gifts from God,” he replied…”



Wed, 11/03/2010 - 23:46

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Rabbi Forrest Gump


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