The Lib Dems' Poison Brew

By Yvetta
May 5, 2010

Honeyed words opposing antisemitism (all the major parties do that, after all) cannot disguise the poison that lurks inside the Lib Dems' chalice:
It was the LibDem’s leader, Nick Clegg, who voiced support for an arms embargo on Israel. Moreover he said it in CIF.
And Clegg has been advised by Nicholas Blincoe, a former ISM activist. Blincoe’s insights about Israel include this one:
"Israeli archaeologists are like the fireman in the novel Fahrenheit 451; their job is to erase the traces of non-Jewish civilizations, not to investigate them."
And look how Nadhmi Auchi, an anti-Israel Iraqui billionaire, is close to Clegg and organised a fundraising dinner for a LibDem candidate.
Then there is Jenny Tonge, famous for saying “The pro-Israeli lobby has got its grips on the western world, its financial grips. I think they've probably got a grip on our party." Until very recently she was a Patron of the viciously antisemitic Palestine Telegraph. Only when it posted a David Duke video did she resign.
But she is still a LibDem Party member.
You can see here what Tonge and a LibDem MP Sarah Teather say about Israel:
Here you can see the LibDems’ response to the questionnaire sent to candidates by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (the only party – as opposed to individual candidates - to respond). (The response has been taken off the PSC site). They call for a ban on settlement goods, suspension of the EU-Israel Association Agreement and an arms embargo on Israel).
33 LibDem candidates have so far put their name to this.
A further 25 LibDem candidates signed the PSC’s pledge card
One LibDem candidate said that the only reason that there was not an arms embargo on Israel was “the power of the Jewish lobbies in Washington and Britain”. She also echoed Tonge’s call for an inquiry to disprove allegations that Israeli army medical teams in Haiti “harvested” organs of earthquake victims.
And the LibDems’ spokesman on foreign policy, Shadow Foreign Secretary Ed Davey MP, thinks the Goldstone Report is “balanced” and wants the UN to act on it.
More still: Over 80% of the LibDem MPs in the Parliament which has just been dissolved are happy to see Israelis arrested in the UK on politically motivated false “War Crimes” trials
Finally remember Chris Davies? He was the LibDem MEP who told a constituent that he hoped she enjoyed "wallowing in her own filth" after she wrote to disagree with his views on Israel. He remains a LibDem MEP though he was forced to resign as the Party’s Leader in the European Parliament.

No Jew or supporter of Israel should vote for the LibDems.



Wed, 05/05/2010 - 09:57

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The view in Jerusalem of Nick Clegg

1) 'Privately, however, the view in Jerusalem is that it would be deeply problematic for Israel were Clegg’s party to unexpectedly prevail in the elections or, more realistically, fare well enough to deny Labor or the Conservatives an outright majority in the House of Commons. Clegg has repeatedly lambasted Israel for using “disproportionate” force in Operation Cast Lead, slammed the blockade of Gaza and, in an op-ed article last year, demanded that Britain and the EU halt arms sales to Israel.'

2) 'Clegg’s criticisms of Israel, notably since Cast Lead, have been noted with dismay in Jerusalem, where eyebrows are also raised over his reported connections with certain Arab figures who hold to problematic ideologies. His stance on Iran in the TV debates has also prompted concern, since he was seen to underestimate the dangers posed by Teheran’s nuclear program – in contrast to both Brown and Cameron.'

3) 'Clegg’s most trenchant public criticism of Israel came in an opinion piece he wrote for The Guardian in January 2009, at the height of Operation Cast Lead, headlined “We must stop arming Israel.”

“Israel’s approach is self-defeating,” he argued. “The overwhelming use of force, the unacceptable loss of civilian lives, is radicalizing moderate opinion among Palestinians and throughout the Arab world.”

Consequently, he urged Brown to “condemn unambiguously Israel’s tactics, just as he has rightly condemned Hamas’s rocket attacks.” And he called both to “immediately suspend the proposed new [EU] cooperation agreement with Israel until things change in Gaza,” and “halt Britain’s arms exports to Israel, and persuade our EU counterparts to do the same.” '

Source: Analysis: J'lem watches the rise of Nick Clegg


Wed, 05/05/2010 - 10:00

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Say No to Anti-Semitism!

Say No to the BNP!

Say No to the Liberal Democrats!

Say No to Nazis!


Wed, 05/05/2010 - 11:38

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I had honestly never previously heard of Nicholas Blincoe, so I just Googled him and found this piece:


Wed, 05/05/2010 - 11:56

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I just googled Nick Clegg and found these pieces:

Nick Clegg would be a disaster for Britain on the world stage

"Nick Clegg is the first major party leader to run for Prime Minister on an anti-British ticket, writes Nile Gardiner."

Nick Clegg’s arrogance is breathtaking

"Nick Clegg’s sickening disdain for both the military and intelligence communities was openly on display yet again earlier today in an interview on GMTV."


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