The FT's Tory endorsement

By Stephen Pollard
May 4, 2010

Not often I'll say this, but...Guido Fawkes says everything I was thinking:

After 23 years of opposing the Tories the FT this morning grudgingly switches editorial support to them. Have the Tories suddenly become europhiliacs? Could it be anything to do with both the re-invigorated Wall Street Journal and City A.M. eating into their readership?

Both those financial papers defend their capitalist readers and take a more robust line, whereas the FT is mainly read by foreigners and the global elite’s limousine liberals.  The FT even backed Neil Kinnock against Margaret Thatcher and it is where Ed Balls cut his teeth as a Labour propagandist.  Maybe
it has finally dawned on the pink ones that their falling circulation
might be a result of insulting and irritating their overwhelmingly
capitalist readers…

I long ago realised that, as a basic rule of thumb, whatever Polly Toynbee writes, I think the opposite. The same is almos always true of Sir Simon Jenkins. And, of course, the FT.


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