The facts and prejudice.

By Stephen Pollard
October 9, 2009

UPDATE: James Macintyre assures me that he did not receive any emails from me, so I'm happy to accept that they were the cyber equivalent of being 'lost in the post'. And he has removed the references to me as being a Tory. Fair dues: I accept his word and the point of this post is thus wrong.


Sorry to bang on about Kaminski, but this is instructive.

Ona couple of blogs today I've been described as a Tory, as if that somehow undemines my arguments because I am parti pris in Kaminski's favour.

Problem is, it's nonsense. I've only ever voted Labour in the six general elections since I was old enought to vote.

I emailed Peter Beaumont of the Oberver to point out that he was wrong. He sent me an apology and corrected his post. That's because although we take a very different attitude to this affair, he's a class act; he got something wrong and did his best to make up for that. 

James Macintyre of the New Statesman, however, has behaved rather differently. In two posts at 13.14 he called me a "Tory supporter" and a "Tory sympathiser".

I emailed him to point out that I am not a Tory supporter. His response?

Nada. Not a dickie bird.

For some people, the facts are irrelevant to their prejudices. 



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