The electorate voted with respect for Israel by booting Galloway out of Westminster

By JINewsNet
May 8, 2010

Even though we have been left with a very ambiguous election result with an unprecedented "hung parliament," there is one result that most people in Britain may be pleased about.

Without even showing up for the count, George Galloway came third in the Poplar and Limehouse constituency and is now out of Westminster, This is the man who under the banner of the "Respect" Party, shows absolutely no respect for the State of Israel.

Driven by anti-zionist hatred and an extreme left wing agenda, George Galloway and the Respect Party had a disastrous election result with their share of the vote halving to around one tenth of one percent of all votes cast. As they say on their own website "there is no hiding from reality. The 2010 General Election was not a good day for Respect."

Fortunately, with the removal of the Respect Party from the House of Commons and the Party's clear decline in political fortune, Israel's enemies have endured another huge blow in their efforts to undermine Israel's legitimacy, security and right to exist. -the “New Voice for pro-Jewish and pro-Israel points of view”, has been established as a platform to encourage pro-active comment in support of Jewish Communities in the Diaspora and the State of Israel.


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