The Day Today lives

By Stephen Pollard
May 4, 2007

It's amazing how often The Day Today comes to mind when watching TV news. I've just been watching Kay Burley interview John Reid on the elections. It was one of those wonderfully Day Today moments when someone uses a ridiculous analogy and the other person feels they have to carry on using it, however convoluted and stupid it is.

The interview went like this (not exact quotes but near enough), after John Reid had said it was a reasonable performance by Labour given the circumstances and dire predictions:

KB: If my son came home from school with a report card that said 'doing reasonably well' I wouldn't be happy.

JR: Well, not if your son came home with a report which said: 'doing reasonably well and you won the examination three times out of the last three exams, and you can win it a fourth time'.

KB: Yes but I'd tell him he must try harder.

JR: Try harder, indeed, but you always need to work hard.

Here's one of my favourite Day Today clips:


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