The Conservative campaign in North Leeds

By Matthew Lobley
April 23, 2010

Out campaigning in the streets of Alwoodley and Moortown, home to many of the Jewish community in Leeds, I am receiving plenty of forthright comment about the state of the nation.

As I know from fighting the last election here and being a local councillor, members of the community are definitely more ready to engage candidates in debate than most people.

Instead of just silently accepting, or in some cases noisily rejecting, a leaflet, members of the Jewish community will, quite rightly, make you sing for your supper, or their vote.

It makes for lively campaigning but that's what I enjoy about being a candidate.

My wife and I were recently guests at the Yom Hashoah event at the Ziff Centre, which we both found very moving.

The way survivor Arek Hersh has made it his life’s mission to educate so many young people, of all faiths, about the horrors of the holocaust is truly humbling.

Was back to the Ziff Centre on Wednesday with our excellent Moortown local election candidate Dan Cohen to meet with some of our (now how does one put this correctly?) more senior residents for a chat. Just like my visit to Donisthorpe Hall on Monday I had a good time fielding all manner of questions.

Matthew Lobley is the Conservative candidate for Leeds North East.

This blog is part of the's On The Campaign Trail blog for the Election 2010 where candidates in key Jewish areas have been invited to blog. Read more on our Election 2010 page


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