The best days...

By Simon Rocker
October 29, 2009

When the history of the Jewish education in the UK comes to be written, scholars will be grateful for the Hasmo Legends series on the Melchett Mike website with its irreverent snapshots of Jewish school life beyond the official version (at least of Hasmonean Boys High School around the 1980s).
Here’s a flavour from a recent reminiscence by former teacher “Polly” Sue Schneider:
“I remember bouncing in one morning having watched an excellent programme on TV – with David Attenborough, I think – and singing its praises, only to find that there had been an emergency assembly forbidding the boys to watch it (which of course meant that it would now be watched by the majority of them, who otherwise wouldn’t have dreamt of doing so). I also have memories of history teacher Mr. Johnson painstakingly drawing bra and pants on every single female nude statue that appeared in the new history textbook he had ordered about Greece and Rome.”



Thu, 11/05/2009 - 13:57

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Johnson was lucky. In more recent years some of our Haredi schools have blacked out pictures of 'graven images', e.g. Greek and Roman statues.


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