The Approachable Man

By Jordan
November 10, 2009

I am a fan of rules, rules for board games, rules of conduct, the rules of engagement - you name it. Sometimes, the best ones are the ones that either keep you and your family alive. I also appreciate warnings, like 'Do Not Enter, Danger of Death', and 'Don't Talk to Strangers.' Well, I don't always listen to that last one, and neither did the lady I spoke to:

A few days ago I was crossing some traffic lights, on my way to Ulpan, when suddenly a voice in Hebrew shot towards me from behind.
"EXCUSE ME, Excuse me!"
I Turn around and see a tank of a car with a woman behind the wheel, gazing expectantly towards me.
"Yes?" I say.
"Yes, are you a student?"
I reply this time with a cautious "Yes"
"Where do you study?"
"...I study at Ulpan Gordon"
The conversation then suddenly switches into perfect English.
"Oh, where are you from?"
"Great! Wow.. Well I just wanted to ask if you were looking for work, because, if you were interested I need someone to babysit for me"
I look behind her and see a toddler strapped to the back seat.
"Err, I'd have to think about it"
"Oh don't worry, take my number and call me this afternoon. You could start this evening?"

As I continued on my way it occurred to me something very strange had just happened. Either she was insane, or there was a mix-up in what she meant by 'babysitting'.

Jordan Tanner


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