That's some chat-up line...

By Marcus Dysch
January 5, 2010

Last night I heard a part-hilarious, part-terrifying story that I had, up until now, only thought possible in the movies.

While driving home my female friend was, basically, crashed into by a male driver intent on stopping her one way or another in order to get her phone number.

Almost unbelievable I know, but true.

Perhaps more ridiculous, this was in Hendon. Not the Bronx, not Compton, Hendon.

Thankfully she was ok, although her car was, unsurprisingly, sporting a little damage this morning.

In the end she got his number, but only for insurance purposes, naturally.

Whether or not she took the collision as a compliment is as yet unknown.

It might not do much for your paintwork, but it's surely quite some ego boost...


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