TfL's suggestion for beating the tube strike

By Stephen Pollard
September 3, 2010

Transport for London have sent a note to businesses in London to help them plan for the tube strike next week.

It's full of useful ideas. The capital's workforce must be particularly grateful for their suggestion that workers try "walking".

They seem to have forgotten to suggest breathing in and out a minimum number of times per minute.

Mr X

I am writing to let you know that the RMT and TSSA have
called a 24 hour strike on the Tube next week. If the strike goes ahead, Tube
services are likely to be disrupted from early evening on Monday 6 September and
will not return to normal until Wednesday morning.

Where possible, we
will keep stations open and will run as many trains as we safely can. Please
check before you travel to see how services are affected.

A range of
alternative transport is available. Cycling or walking may also be practical
options for many.

For the latest information and help planning your
journeys, visit



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