Supporting our Muslim neighbours

By Rabbi Aaron Gol...
December 13, 2009

Today as I write our Muslim neighbours are being scapegoated by the English Defence League and other groups from outside of our area whose only goal
is to instil hatred. My Shul and other Liberal and Reform Synagogues are supporting our neighbours.
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Sun, 12/13/2009 - 19:31

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Thank you for posting this Rabbi, I agree that it is an important issue, although I imagine that you won't find a huge amount of support for such sentiment on these boards.

But I agree with you on the dangerous nature of not worrying about it because the scapegoat in this case is not the jews. Jews are bound with wherever there is intolerance, after all its only a matter of time,

'first they came for the communists,' etc

We must stand up for all who are targeted by these hooligans!


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