Strip searching

By Philip Witriol
January 23, 2009

I'm still working on my dad's Yiddish book. I also intend to add other writings of his.

In the interim, some brief thoughts...

If Saddam had still been in power, what would Iraq have done during Israel's attempt to reduce the threat from Hamistan's islamofascists?

In the not so distant past liberal,left-wingers (including Jews) opposed fascist, antisemitic, sexist, homophobic men of violence. Now many seem proud to effectively support Hamas and other islamofascists.

One of the many achievements of George Bush that even Obama cannot undo - return The Butcher of Bagdhad (or his sons) to power.

More generally, Obama may well end up building on George Bush's policy of confronting jihadi supremacists.

A good summary, headlined Bush Was Right When It Mattered Most, is at

Hopefully, the liberal 'nice' people will accept BHO's actions and not continue to appease, let alone support, the islamists.

I'll post chapters from my dad's book soon, bli neder.

In the meantime have a kosher (George) Burns night.


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