Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce...Cohen?

By Jennifer Lipman
October 4, 2010


I’m slightly behind on this season’s Mad Men, so in the interests of not ruining the suspense, I can’t Google too heavily for this one.

But it seems Don Draper might be getting a Jewish love interest.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, actress Cara Buono reveals the truth about her character Faye:

“She’s also Jewish. The line she says in the phone booth when she’s telling her boyfriend off. ' the ocean.' That’s an English translation of a Yiddish expression.

“And her father, though he’s a gangster, he’s not of Italian descent."

Apart from department store head Rachel Menken - Don’s Jewish love interest in season one – Jews haven’t featured too heavily in Mad Men.

Which, given this is a show set in 1960s Manhattan and in the business world, is slightly surprising.

Especially as if the Simchat Torah party I went to is anything to go by, we Jews could drink Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce under the table.


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