Steer clear of Patten

By Stephen Pollard
May 4, 2010
Letter to Gordon Brown.jpg

Letter to Gordon Brown.jpg

According to Ben Brogan:

a plan is being hatched to replace Lady Ashton, the Labour peer
currently serving as British commissioner, with Lord Patten of Barnes.

Please don't let it be so. Lord Patten is the sort of Conservative who represents everything wrong with the party (don't get me started on Lord Hurd, in my view one of the most damaging public figures of the past thirty years). Pompous, smug and possessed of huge and entirely unjustified self-regard, his worst fault is that he is simply wrong on almost every issue on which he opines. 

Take this open letter to Gordon Brown, which was published in the New Statesman in January. The names of his co-signatories say all that needs to be said about the worth of his opinions.   



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