By Paul Lester
October 8, 2008

It finally happened. It came late last night in the form of a text and an ominous bleep on my mobile phone. My very first stark warning, as a result of my Suddenly Single JC column, from a woman with whom I had the briefest of flings over a year ago. "I'd sincerely appreciate it," read the text, with the polite but firm air of a quietly grave teacher, "if you didn't discuss me or anything that went on between us." How strange. And not a little disturbing in its stern formality. I'm surprised she didn't go all the way and start the text, "Vis a via our association" and end it with a nice "yours faithfully". It was enough to send a chill up and down my spine - and I've got quite a long spine. The lady in question even looked a bit like Glenn Close. Actually, that's a fib - she looked more like Glenn Hoddle, but you can see where I'm going with this. Straight to the local pet shop to hand back my bunny.



Wed, 10/08/2008 - 22:10

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Have you ever heard of protecting a womans dignity, you self righteous egotist. You may have a spine but as far as I can see it seems yellow from the base of your coccyx the tip of your skull.
If you have any decency left in your entirity you will never print another article about your love life ever again. Stick to what you do best and write about annoying 80's pop acts who only ever had two great songs anyway.
Since when was it ok to publicly humiliate a woman I hope you find some button on your keypad that says shutdown.
end of


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